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A New England police chief (Roy Scheider), a shark hunter (Robert Shaw) and a scientist (Richard Dreyfuss) have a showdown with a huge white shark.

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Super 8

A series of unexplained events follows a horrifying train derailment, leading some young filmmakers (Elle Fanning, Joel Courtney) to suspect that the catastrophe was not an accident.

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A thief (Leonardo DiCaprio) who enters people's dreams and steals their secrets gets a shot at redemption when he is given the dangerous task of planting an idea in someone's subconscious.

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Eastern Promises

A chain of murder and retribution uncoils when a man (Viggo Mortensen) who is tied to a crime family in London crosses paths with a resolute midwife (Naomi Watts) .

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The Invasion

A psychiatrist (Nicole Kidman) discovers that an epidemic altering the behavior of human beings is extraterrestrial in origin.

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Mulholland Dr.

An actress (Naomi Watts) goes to Los Angeles to audition for a director (Justin Theroux) and falls into a conspiracy involving an amnesiac (Laura Elena Harring) and a blue box.

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Ginger Snaps

A fearsome transformation takes place after a death-obsessed teen (Katharine Isabelle) and her sister (Emily Perkins) are attacked by a supernatural beast.

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Fight Club

Two young professionals (Brad Pitt, Edward Norton) create an underground club where men can compete in hand-to-hand combat.

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Run Lola Run

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The Frighteners

Friendly ghosts help a psychic detective (Michael J. Fox) probe the hauntings that killed residents of a coastal California town.

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