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Armed with proton packs and plenty of attitude, four women (Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon) prepare for an epic battle as mischievous ghosts start to overrun New York.

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Lucha Mexico

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Outlaws and Angels

In 1887, three violent fugitives hold a couple and their children (Francesca Eastwood, Madisen Beaty) hostage in their isolated New Mexico farmhouse.

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Phantom Boy

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After a college baseball star doesn't make the Major League Baseball draft, an intramural game with friends becomes hugely important to him as he tries to accept his broken dreams.

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AAIC: Papal Basilicas of Rome

An extraordinary look at the history, spirituality, architecture and art of the Papal Basilicas of Rome.

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At the Fork

Am omnivore grapples with the moral aspects of farming animals for food and explores what goes on at a large-scale American farm.

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La Bohème Met Summer Encore

Soprano Kristīne Opolais and tenor Vittorio Grigolo portray passionate lovers in Puccini's ``La Bohème.''

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The Infiltrator

In 1986, federal agent Robert Mazur (Bryan Cranston) poses as a money-laundering businessman to infiltrate the trafficking network of Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar.

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Captain Fantastic

Raised in the forest and living off the grid, six children venture into the outside world for the first time when their recently widowed father (Viggo Mortensen) takes them on a road trip.

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