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Vanished: Left Behind Next Gen

Enjoy the exclusive movie premiere of ``Vanished: Left Behind -- Next Generation,'' followed by a discussion with actors Amber Frank, Dylan Sprayberry, Mason Dye, Keely Wilson and producers Randy LaHaye and Dave Alan Johnson.

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To Joey, With Love

The documentary ``To Joey, With Love: A Story of Life, Love & Hope That Never Dies'' features home footage of husband-and-wife country music stars Rory and Joey Feek.

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Dr. Strangelove Presented by TCM

Nominated for four Academy Awards, Peter Sellers and George C. Scott star in Stanley Kubrick's brilliant satire ``Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.''

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Labyrinth 30th Anniversary

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Jim Henson's fantasy film ``Labyrinth,'' featuring an introduction from actress Jennifer Connelly and exclusive, all-new content.

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The Insanity of God

In the documentary ``The Insanity of God,'' missionaries Nik and Ruth Ripken explore their faith after the death of their son; with cleric David Platt.

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The King and I (1956) Presented by TCM

Winner of five Academy Awards, Deborah Kerr, Yul Brynner and Rita Moreno star in Walter Lang's beloved musical classic ``The King and I.''

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Thelma & Louise 25th Anniversary

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Ridley Scott's film ``Thelma & Louise,'' featuring Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis, Harvey Keitel and Brad Pitt.

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Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World

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Morris From America

A 13-year-old rapper (Markees Christmas) falls for a rebellious classmate (Lina Keller) after moving from the U.S. to Germany with his widowed father (Craig Robinson) .

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The People vs. Fritz Bauer

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